Monday, March 2, 2015

Hush, my heart...


I want to whisper you to become my greatest secret
the one I will be longing to spit out with every chance
and if you succumb to this selfish request, by any chance,
you'll be the only secret I will allow my self to tell
to yell on the top of my lungs and be a bragging bitch about it
to show my pride and love, like an immature colorful peacock
wounded by cupid's arrow, bleeding happily.
Perhaps it is cliche, risque, this growing infatuation,
but what if you are the sole incarnation
of that obscure everything I have been dreaming all my life?
i'll dye my heart in happy colours and play its strings to sappy tunes
I'll smile and love all of your artistic disguises
but I'll adore only your face
(I'd rather die in your embrace)
than miss the spectrum of your rainbow.'s still a secret, especially from you!
I want to tell you so bad, yet my blushing heart claims it taboo
you'd only brush me off as one out of the many, I guess...

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