Sunday, March 1, 2015

Up, close and personal Yearnings of a Longing & Introverted mind



I saw the picture of a ghost today
it was a memento of a fair and pained soul's deathday
and it might have been a blasphemy the fact
that the face burned me and shook me so
because it looked just like your reflection
and it is so pathetic, that pictures are the only connection
I have with you - would you consider? to be my bitter-
-sweet substitute for my disowned cigarettes?
I'm dying to inhale your breath and keep you in my lungs
and resign my life and all my little moments to your taste.
You can spark up my purposeless decaf and accompany
my gallons of hot and steamy tea; I'll scream my plea
if it'll turn you on and make you say yes.
Pardon my intrusion, I'm taking off my shoes and coming in,
it's just that I have this solid feeling causing my heart friction,
that we can be each other's forever and ideal addiction.

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