Just my self reflection

Mirror mirror on the wall,
who's the greatest one of foes?

Who is the one I most resent,
yet loving them I am condemned

I ask again, although I know
that silence will still linger
like the scent of a stranger I once knew
because no answer lies in words
It's just my self reflection


Nocturne Path

Give me a hug, or give me a gun,

trigger my emotions or my hand

scar my soul and make it bleed

show me your intention's deep

or don't bother, let me hanging

gazing my imaginary friend in outer space.

It will be forever and a day

before my fate takes its rightful place.



As if the humble whole of me was slashed in two

torn parts of old and stained page from an unfinished book

the violent certainty of your departure found its shape

as a sharp blade, the dagger of Eternal Thief, for it was time his toll to take.

So swift and sudden that He was - an expert since the dawn of time-

He got me numbed and nulled at once, my inner tears I could not cry

crippled my soul and left my wounds wide open, to be infected

by grief and nothingness and little things that were neglected -

- such as ungraceful hugs and not enough "I love you",

endless debates and chat with coffee under the light of cracking dawn,

sketching together our own landscape happily filling it with flaw,

or switching shifts over the games of final fantasies and epic tales

exchanging tips and bragging like children from the Never Land

I learned entire oceans the vast cosmos while holding to your hand

and taught you insecurity and fear and love

you've always said that I should fly away like doves

and to remember that I am an incarnated smile,

forgive me I forgot it for a long while,

my lips were sore and no expression would embrace my eyes.

But rest assured, for in a timid way after the void of passing time

scattered and scared ribbons of sun have gently reached my heart

I'm feeling now less of your absence and the pain of being apart

filling my soul with knowledge of  your presence within my very existence.

It's been almost six years since I have silenced all my pens and pencils

imaginings impossible and hope was just incomprehensive

but as I'm gaining back the memories that are no longer burning

I recollect that I'm Your smile

an honest one to reach the eyes, no lies, just love-expressive.

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