Sunday, May 17, 2015

Un Héros Très Discret

Un Héros Très Discret


Are you cold?

You stood there naked, so vulnerable and proud

you peeled your clothes off

in calm and calculated moves and surgical precision

- what a bold decision! -

under the harsh neon social media lights.

So plain, no-nonsense and simple was your fashion,

but you looked bright & regal, humble & on fire.

Did you grab the controller and beat down Insecurities with Passion?

and I can only imagine, how many souls you can inspire.

So clear and honest, like childhood tears,

were your writings on the wall under the brutal spotlight.

Some shadows out there might be lurking for a fight

but you don’t need to test your might

-          you gently asked for some respect

despite you have the right to damn demand it.

So brave

to expose your skin in all its scarred and handsome glory

reveal you are a wounded Leon at heart

though you can be the best Chameleon, too.

And for the scattered fragile moments

the tiny minutes you allow yourself to feel the chill

and taste the blood specs off re-opened wounds,

I’d like some day to be half step closer,

offer my blanket and a band-aid, or two…

To S. Leonheart

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