Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Scar Tissue



The brightest, rarest and most precious
of your childhood's marbles, sliding;
away and fast in sudden certain loss
in a coin's toss.

The sharp and venomous undying words
that spat in evil haste
the mouth belonging to your crawling self
fatally left lingering bitter aftertaste.

While all the lonely hushes
were cowardly left to be gushes of sighs
swallowed with a pint of fear
ironically, they never stopped being whispered in your ear...

And all the honest tearful gazes
altered in most pathetic masks,
aided by pretentious smiles pushing the cracks-
-the plastered grin can't reach the eyes.

The silence in the time of songs;
the wicked stillness when (e)motion is demanded
shaped that hot iron which got you branded
with just one word:


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