Monday, July 1, 2013

The Six Senses Synergy / Intertextuality of the Soul

 I think that powerful glimpses of certain sensations tickle and trigger the entire ecosystem of our emotions and brain cells, resulting to intriguing compositions and coherences.
    For example, incentives such as scents, sounds or images, are often automatically and intensively bond with certain memories, or strangely connected to personal impressions and imaginings.
This way, myriads of different and seemingly irrelevant thoughts, emotions, or experiences, are almost magically connected, to form the never ending stories of our inner selves.

The blink of an eye, a single breath or a plain melody, are sometimes only the first step for an imagination running wild, a heartbeat racing against itself, a tiny spark of creativity.

Listen to this.....

How do you feel under the light caress of sounds, what do you reminisce, or grieve, or honour?
Or is it like a sweet nostalgia, a longing for a future not yet lived...?

This is my written painting of feelings and impressions:

Dvorak - Romance for piano and violin

This romance
is for piano and violin
the keys caressed in my sense of utter beauty
black and white as seasons and emotions flow
the strings running your bare soul
in the course of your web-like veins

Twirling and soothing and losing balance between passion and disarray
to our dismay, or to our utmost cries of joy
dances the melody and echoes through the walls and whitewashed wood
following it on solemn roads, silent streets and miles of distance
we were acquainted and yet beloved beforehand
connected in the ethers of aesthesis and through the heart's most timid tinglings

It was well written, between the lines of my first ever childhood dream
throughout that vast absolute field, so vivid and so evergreen
and on that toy-colored balloon of smiles that flew above
the atmosphere of utter bliss and careless promenade,
that time would come to certainly connect in untold manners

manifesting themselves in this love of piano and violin

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