Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Human A.I without A.L + Life



This bunch of gears and cogs and screw-ups,

burned chips and overheated  parts

silicon core instead of carbon

and malfunctioned CPU

Dismantle it

with every touch and glance and breath of you

Dismount my mecha puppet figure

relieve me of the strings attached

make me a real girl, give me a heart that can be crushed

and mortal skin of clay that can be touched and cut and age

for I fear not the human certainty of death or bloodshed

but I resent this android fate of shutting down -

-not having backup of emotions nor sense of tears flowing down

Disassemble me

I made the start, I broke my winder

I overrode my rigid programming of zero-one

help me to stretch my limited horizon wider

erase my former data one by one

Dismantle it

this rusty structure that cannot decay

Please don't delay

Provide me with a vessel I can call a shrine

of soul

able to die outlived by love's mysterious lullaby

Dismantle me

and leave me lying here alive



Holding a colored pencil from my childhood days in hand,
I slowly draw the lines of life I choose,
while flaming strings my heart emits
are gushing through my chest's birth mark
tentatively leading me with force and gentle violence
in paths and avenues I never knew existed.
What glorious perfection, to be a fully capable, alerted mind
within a human puppet's automation - care for a tiny bit frustration?


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